jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012


See so softly, soul of silence,
how she leaves you, how she's sailing
when the sea with unseen violence
speaks the secrets of the past.

Fast as thunderbolt in open
spaces, the waves -fast comes, fast broken-
flows with fangs that bites the wooden
ship who takes her far from you.

See so sadly, weeping warrior,
there is rain, but there's not rainbow:
she's now leaving, she won't back to
be with you. She won't come back.

The fait's lost, the hope is stormy,
 the wind screams and licks with fury,
and the lighthouse now is burned.
The only light comes from the sparks.

Dark's the wather, there no matters
what you wish, you won't see her.
The close rain and the brave waves
hide her of your lovely view.

She, so lonely, lost at darkness,
looks beside searching the pier;
won't return from ocean's travel,
she'll be killed by Hurricane.

Carlos Aguilar Esparza

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